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A pretty Borana girl at Mega in southern Ethiopia wears brightly coloured cotton cloth and numerous strings of beads. As soon as they are old enough to have lovers from the warrior age set, they regularly receive gifts from them. The attire of this woman is typical of married women in the tribe. A Hadza girl wearing a beaded headband and necklaces. A Turkana woman makes the final ties to the dome-shaped framework of her home.

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Much the largest of the tribes in the Omo Valley numbering around 50,,the Dassanech also known as the Galeb,Changila or Merille are Nilotic pastoralists and agriculturalists.

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Tribe girl

A Maasai girl from the Kisongo clan wearing an attractive beaded headband and necklace. They will then milk the nanny goats leaving half the milk for the kids. A Samburu Warrior drives his goats along the wide,sandy seasonal watercourse of the Milgis where waterholes dug by the Samburu in the dry season are a lifeline for pastoralists in this semi-arid region of their district. Filwoha in the Afar language means 'hot water'.

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