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My eyes did not dart up and down, but rather I seemed to stare at her entirely in one single unflinching gaze. Without covering herself, she glanced up to see me frozen in both terror and lust. The only way I could possibly see more was if you took your shorts off. It was no use at this point to pretend she needed to cover what I had already seen. I knew nothing about her sexual experience, if she had ever seen a penis before or if she was a virgin. That is, until I saw her naked.

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Laila. Age: 32.
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She playfully rolled her eyes around the room, as if pondering what to do.

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Lena. Age: 27.
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Perhaps I had been careless, too obvious with my stares, or maybe she knew about the times I used to look through her underwear drawer. My sister was still mostly naked before me, the towel around her waist almost enhancing her sensuality like a mini skirt with a slit up the entire right side. Her middle finger suddenly darted into her vagina, sinking effortlessly into the hot wetness.

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