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Only start with Y if you want to knock them away as you can't combo from it. Any suggestions for getting the ideal QQ Bang mentioned in the guide? Which makes them absolutely critical as they are worth about 84 stat points, while the other ones are worth about 50 stat points at 5 arrows. Otherwise here are the QQ bang sttats you should shoot for. Just remember while this destroys COMs, vs players they can just snap step away from you until your Kaioken runs out. Blaauwe 13 Apr, am.

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Health: Dump leftover points into here.

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What does your character look like in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse?

How to play a Female Majin. This is a move everyone needs as it is a ranged laser stamina break. Due to how x20 works, you'll be able to Z vanish as long as your in it, making it so you'll win a vanish fight.

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