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Top Stories Scots finance secretary quits over messages to boy Derek Mackay admits he has "behaved foolishly" after a newspaper reports that he sent messages to a year-old boy. Why you can trust BBC News. Tumblr's new policy comes just weeks after their app was pulled from Apple's store after images of child abuse were found to have got around the site's filters. Users who have adult content posts will receive notices which will tell them how to appeal against a ban, or how to "preserve their content outside the community". Tumblr bans non-consensual creepshots and deepfake porn. The company posted on its help site saying the illegal images were immediately taken down when discovered. Related Topics Pornography Apps Social media.

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Tumblr deletes 'Russian troll' accounts.

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Politics Home Parliaments Brexit. Tumblr deletes 'Russian troll' accounts. However, the site said posts featuring nudity that are "artistic, educational, newsworthy, or political" are acceptable and will not necessarily be removed.

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