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University of Hawai'i Press. Retrieved January 10, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Internet Association Japan. Understanding and addressing adult sexual attraction to children: a study of paedophiles in contemporary society. Galbraith feels that this is not an argument that lolicon "compensates for or relieves real desires", but instead that lolicon imagery does not "reflect the desires" of readers, or inspire them to commit crimes. General Omake Terminology Iconography.

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Patrick Galbraith asserts that Minky Momo was an attempt to court lolicon fans. Outside Japan, lolicon is in less common usage and usually refers to the genre. A revised edition was presented in November that year to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, which would require self-regulation of " 'manga, anime and other images' Japanese culture Gravure idol and junior idol [83] — child or early teenager pursuing a career as a photographic model Moe Nijikon Lolita fashion — a style of clothing [30] Shotacon — Male equivalent of lolicon , focusing on young boys.

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