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Sliver is available for free on Amazon Prime. Carly soon becomes embroiled in an intimate and dangerous investigation into the mysterious death of Naomi Singer Allison Mackie , the former resident of her apartment who looked just like her and recently plummeted off of the balcony to her death. Overall, Sliver is a total miss for me. If everyone else were cracking one-liners or if this were a parody of erotic thrillers, then it might have worked, but to me she felt out of place. Joe Do I think Sliver is intentionally campy?

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Sidebar: Thank you so much for making me Google CCH Pounder because I have seen that woman in so many things but never put a name to a face.

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[Horror Queers] The Sad, Underwhelming Saga of Erotic Thriller ‘Sliver’

Joe, whatever movie Camp was in is the movie I wanted to be watching! I mostly just wanted more Landau and CCH Pounder, who I loooove, but neither of them really have anything to do other than show up and grab a paycheck. The cast was surprisingly stacked with 90s stars Stone, Baldwin and character actors I liked Martin Landau! Expect snakes, ballet and telekinesis.

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