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Temari looks at Naruto's penis as it was limp and covered in her cum and his. Ah what the fuck of course they are gonna fuck but that will be later. Temari grabbed onto the sheets. There in front of his door was Temari locking the door and turned around walking up to him. Naruto was going in faster feeling her walls surround his penis. As she bends over Naruto looks at her ass as she reached for her shirt and spots out that she was a little wet from her shorts. He reached his door and turned around.

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Well next up is Anko where he learns a hell of a lot more moves so this might take longer.

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Naruto started to rub her nipple and at the same time finger her. She turned around and looked at Naruto. They stopped running as they finally reached the gates of Konoha. Where Naruto's crazy adventure began and maybe where it will end.

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