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She was shaking uncontrollably, her body on the verge of explosion, her urethra tortured, her pubic area swollen with distress, her hot pee screaming inside of her, DYING to escape. Then it would be a quick trip to the parking lot. More than one car honked and stared as she passed car after car on the interstate, trying to drive faster without garnering attention, trying to get home before she urinated into her pants. The two teens were playing around, laughing. She checked table 3 out, and then got the steak for table 4, then wishing in vain she could go pee, she headed off to table 7. Right after table 5 cashed out, she thought, and then she could go relieve herself. No big deal, it was expected.

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Eloise. Age: 27.
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So, this story is me in marching band.

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Sariah. Age: 20.
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Plus, the majority of kids were already knocked out from exhaustion. By 4pm they had already broken the sales record for that day and Amber had been running around like crazy. Carlene turned around, watching Amber run out the door, wondering what to do.

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