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Front and back view of the unused African Little Sister. Bioshock 2 Harvesting a Little Sister. This ambition proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated by the scientists, and numerous attempts were needed to find the right balance of ADAM-based conditioning in both the gatherer and the protector. This "dream world" persisted in the girls' day-to-day experience, except for occasional lapses where their senses were brought abruptly back to the grim, twisted reality of Rapture's decay whenever they were frightened or startled. BioShock -themed real-world stickers, featuring the Little Sister. She acquired a submersible and descended to Rapture expecting to find the missing girls turned into Little Sisters, gathering alongside Big Daddies.

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Lyra. Age: 32.
bioshock naked sister gif

Removal of the Sea Slug from the host under normal circumstances is fatal.

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Jazlynn. Age: 26.
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However, testing trials revealed that the Big Daddies simply ignored the robotic gatherers, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by Splicers. Eventually, as the civil war's body counts grew and the shortages increased, a solution to get additional ADAM led to using the children to obtain ADAM from corpses. To overcome this basic obstacle, Dr.

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