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I find that there is often an automatic assumption that light-complexioned women use skin-lightening products. Follow up question: Elderly woman: How is it that you are so light in complexion? There was a lot of whispering, mainly things to do with my complexion. This followed a period in which both the media and public went into a frenzy discussing whether or not the current Miss Zimbabwe — given her dark complexion — was beautiful enough to represent the country. Other times, I am forced to justify my complexion, until it becomes pointless. But there are a lot of prejudices that work against light-skinned women.

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Evangeline. Age: 27.
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On lucky days, I am just mistaken for a mixed-race or coloured person.

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Juliana. Age: 30.
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Why it’s hard to be a ‘Yellow-Bone’

A lot of men feel entitled to yell all kinds of things at women going about their business on the street. But on not so lucky days, sometimes people ask outrightly what cream or injectable I have used that has lightened my complexion so perfectly and uniformly. I have never used a skin-lightening product in my life, yet this stigma hangs over my head until people prove for themselves, in some way, that I am authentic.

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