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Apologise to the couple groping each other among the ermine. The difference, I think, is that Levi and Jean walk around firmly believing that there is a such a thing as a happiness quota - that is, that each person has a finite amount of happiness they will reach in their lives until things start going south. Collect coat, scarf, suitcase. Jean watches him stomp up his eyes on his arse. Ask mongoose-bite a question levijean levisjeans jeanlevi crunchy's fic glassesgirl I headcanon that Levi and Jean have always been attracted to one another, but it was too difficult to act on it without Eren.

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He brings out their best qualities as they do for him , and carries this palpable exuberance into their lives, a cannonball of energy and excitement.

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Fluffy Levihan headcanon day #2

They are both so alike sometimes, and that can be both a catalyst and an equalizer. Levi flicks his eyes up to meet his for a moment before he nods and turns away. Collect coat, scarf, suitcase.

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