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I couldnt even think of having a friend in my room as it now had that telltale bedwetters smell. One thing that really helps us is to not allow any fluids after pm and for his drink it is only oz of water. After still more time, my bladder developed and matured and the whole thing stopped. We talked to his doctor and he was referred to a urologist. Is it possible that he has sleep apnea which is causing him not to be able to wake himself up? My son didn't care if you went to bed or not wet, never wet the bed again after that.

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Zuri. Age: 26.
teen wet diapers

I would tend to think he is about to grow out of this and you will hopefully start seeing improvements soon.

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Anastasia. Age: 25.
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My teenager is still wetting the bed. What should I do?

A boy I took care of had this issue. I just treat it now as a necessary tool I need at night. Also heavy sleepers do this too.

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