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Freelance artist Robin Harper, once a frequent Tumblr user, said the porn ban led to Tumblr's "almost immediate fade into obscurity. But not only is Tumblr having issues retaining users, but it's also having trouble getting new people to its site. But Tumblr's imperfect machine-learning algorithm only poses a problem for those still active on the platform. Even Tumblr users not part of these NSFW-centric communities, like those participating in fandoms or selling their art and graphics, told Business Insider their own sects of Tumblr were heavily impacted by the porn ban. Yet Yahoo's attempt to revitalize the platform failed spectacularly, with the addition of ads and a lack on innovation driving away even more users. Since the ban, Tumblr has been bleeding users.

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The Atlantic's data showed that traffic to Tumblr's login page page in the US has been cut nearly in half sine

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It often indicates a user profile. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. The flagging of Vintrove's posts is only one of the many examples that demonstrate the state of Tumblr's controversial porn ban a year after its implementation.

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