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We had been ttc for baby no1 from April last year but after Chemical pregnancy, loss of job and getting a new job we had to put it on hold in October for a few months. View More Topics or Ask a Question. After having a miscarriage earlier in the year I honestly thought it would never happen for us. Ttc baby no 3 baby number 3! My sister did a fertility spell for me involving these 2 purified stones right before my first and only IUI 2 because she knew we wanted 2 kids total Mrs. To calculate, enter the date of your last mestrual period and your cycle length below. We have a 4 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy April baby.

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Liana. Age: 26.
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I 3 month old trying to sit up - posted in Birth-6 Months: Is this normal?

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Daphne. Age: 24.
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Myself and a close friend of mine have both been trying for a baby for almost a year now. If, like me you said you will start actively trying in Well, if I was younger and wanting more than just one more baby, I would stay that way.

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