Ass worshipping

ass worshipping
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As Aviva pointed out, burying your ass into the face of a submissive partner is an excellent way to enforce power structure while giving them a face-full. Flavored lubes are a great addition to this act. Ass worship sounds delicious AF. The ass becoming diving in this kind of play. Time to put that discount to good use! Don't chomp down on the tender rosebud. Let's face it, not everyone loves the taste of ass and that is A-OK.

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Aubrie. Age: 20.
ass worshipping

The anal cavity does not naturally produce lubricant for this part of the body.

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Kyleigh. Age: 24.
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What is Ass Worship?

I mean, who isn't trying to have their SO treat their body like a shrine? When someone is worshiping your ass, you demonstrate that you are their queen or king. It's sexy for both people involved: One is the worshipper, the other worshipped.

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