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BrandtSponseller 21 February Brian De Palma present story that keep's your attention to the last minute. Dennis Franz is also amusing in his support role as the crude and insensitive Detective Marino. This whole opening sequence has it all-the Psycho reference,the slight twisting of that reference,the dreamy eroticism,the sudden shock,the surprise. Both deliver good performances, and there's a non-sexual chemistry between them that works superbly. You'll figure it out just as fast, too. However, where Argento films tend to have jarringly inappropriate electronic rock scores, this one has an equally inappropriate lush romantic score that reminded me of a high-priced supper club.

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And the filmmaker isn't afraid to film his main actress and wife Nancy Allen in her underwear.

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She then sets off to find the real murderer and joins forces with Kate's teenage son Peter Keith Gordon who is an inventor with a precocious talent which he puts to good use in trying to ascertain the identity of the killer. De Palma's sleazy "Dressed to Kill" continues this obsession with gender construction. Prompted by the new documentary on De Palma, I finally sat down and watched this film. You just lie and let movie drives you into a story, enjoying a good trip to the end.

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