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Upon succeeding in this plan, Fiona and the rest of the Zone Jail prisoners caused a jail break, but only Scourge, the rest of the Destructix, and her managed to escape through a Warp Ring. She gently told him that despite his intellect, he didn't realize one thing - "you can't count on anybody. Add a photo to this gallery. For his part, Scourge was attracted to Fiona because unlike the women he had formed relationships with in his own dimension, who were villainous from the start, she chose to follow the path of a criminal despite being inherently good. Eager to win his loyalty, Fiona promised that her plans would see everyone who had done them wrong repaid. Eventually she and Nic returned to the mining camp to see if they could find anymore Power Gems ; unfortunately, the lab door was locked and neither could open it. While dodging blows, Fiona feigned confusion, though briefly slipped in a smug grin and told Amy no one would believe her anyway.

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This became apparent after Nic decided to gain Mighty's assistance to gain access to the laboratory, as Fiona explained how she felt abandoned by the two.

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Fiona Fox in a video game

As with her previous design change, she still retains her yellow bow. Under Fiona's supervision, the Squad repaired a pair of stolen Globe Posts and used them to launch a successful invasion of Freedom HQ. While Finitevus left to complete his work, Scourge sat down to relax while Fiona bristled at the situation, clearly disliking the albino Echidna as much as Rouge had in her brief time in the doctor's service.

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