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The flat bottom the Red reached over the top of her shin in a single motion, sucking and pulling at the appendage to draw it under itself. If the bottom was covered, it would be almost black when viewed from above. Carrie could feel it shifting and changing inside her, almost as though it were testing and probing her honey to discover what elicited the greatest arousal in her. When the first bulge reached the gates of her flower, she gasped and held her breath as the small round object paused against the slight resistance there. Over time, the water had apparently carved the rock into an impressive number of caves and bowls, most were much too small for her, but it was by far her best bet, and she glanced to each side of the stream, looking for a path down. It knew it had her, it was simply deciding the safest way to approach. Her first option certainly had risks.

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She could feel runnels of the viscous liquid dripping from her buttocks as it ran down between her thighs, which she now realized in horror, were being pushed apart even as more of the very warm mass slid down over her apex like a giant, wet tongue.

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Using Him: Carrying the Clutch: An Ovipositor and Mpreg Quickie

At the exact same moment, the girl jerked once as her whole body tensed into impossible ecstasy. You birthed them two days ago. When she was rested, she sat up, and finally stood, so that she could walk over to the daisy-like flora. If the bottom was covered, it would be almost black when viewed from above.

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