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Main article: Superman punch. A variation of the seated senton was performed by Earthquake , whose Earthquake Splash would see him run off the ropes to gain momentum for the senton and then jump onto the opponent while running. Strikes are offensive moves in professional wrestling , that can sometimes be used to set up an opponent for a hold or for a throw. It was popularized by Monty Brown and named for his Alpha Male gimmick. Mainly used by villains , often wrestlers will perform these strikes while the referee is in some way distracted.

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The wrestler runs towards his opponent, wraps an arm around the opponent's upper chest and neck, and swings both legs forward, using this momentum to pull the opponent down with him to the mat back-first.

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Attacks in which an attacking wrestler jumps and falls down onto an opponent on the floor, striking with a specific part of the body. Involves the attacker originally facing his opponent. Also known as foot stomp, this attack sees a wrestler stamping a foot on any part of a fallen opponent. An attacking wrestler charges at the opponent and then hits the opponent in the chest or face upwards with a forearm to force them back and down to the mat.

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