Bo2 zombies emblems

bo2 zombies emblems
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You can not lose your rank emblem for not playing. For example, you have a full train of zombies trailing you and you want to go somewhere or use the mystery box. So yes, stats still save but not the rounds you survived. Using spawn locations can be used for strategies to reach super high rounds as well. You can only derank your emblem by going down too often on lower rounds. Most info is what I have gained from my experience and others so it might not all be accurate.

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Your total games played and total play time do not affect the rank emblem.

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Zombies Die Rise - How to Use Golden Symbols and Get Balls from Dragons Mouth

This game is nice anyone wanna add me and we play. Do not shoot and kill them all right away. Survival games are Bus Depot, Town, and Farm. You can also camp on Origins with the Ice Staff if done properly.

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