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Lilley is done with diet pills. Wong explained that teens perform joy on Instagram but confess sadness on Tumblr. Tumblr teens have an advantage that makes them good at digital strategy: an advanced emotional intelligence. On Tumblr, you can revel in anonymity, say whatever you want without fear of it going on your permanent record. Hegstad got an account at a health affiliate network—a snake-oil sales depot.

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Itzel. Age: 23.
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The walls were bright red, and we lounged on an overstuffed wraparound couch.

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Roselyn. Age: 30.
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He became my Tumblr oracle, giving me in-depth analysis of the Tumblr economy and its emotional core. They soon realized their Tumblr was performing better than the web site it was supposed to promote. I am plugged into the mainframe, wired to the primary source.

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