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They could have pulled back, a million times. I do have a pretty bad potty mouth, but you know not to say those things around children. Some of them are accidentally hilarious. They trusted us, they like us and our brand of comedy, and they were pretty confident with what we were doing and that we could pull it off, and I hope we proved them right. Originally, there was a little bit more in there. That was the scene that we knew we needed to have, to show the scope and the scale of the movie. On the first tour I did, Live Nation put it together and it was an all-ages show.

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Roselyn. Age: 25.
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Thank god, we did it on Netflix because it might have been too hard of an R.

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Lylah. Age: 27.
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Adam Devine on ‘Game Over Man!’, Nude Scenes, and the Future of the ‘Workaholics’ Gang

We did comedy together for years before that, and then we did Workaholics for awhile. And then, I went right into Game Over, Man! Netflix has been so cool with us.

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