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I barely had to say anything to her at all and she just took it from there. As Gypsy was very securely cuffed, there was nothing she could do about it. For whatever reason, a long thread from somewhere got stuck and it was almost a scene of her panties being ripped off of her body. Though she did finally tip her hand for the final office visit. As an aside, it is interesting to note how hard it can be to do a proper upskirt shot or angle because so often particularly with black skirts and the desk itself, it makes it so dark you can hardly see anything.

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Erica. Age: 30.
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I have to say that the looks between them, the dialog, and the pure oozing menace in this video and the one before it are truly delightful — they did a wonderful job and there is an evil sort of chemistry between them.

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Jacqueline. Age: 25.
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This can even be captured nicely in a still photo — I have seen many that are amongst my favorites that have just this sort of scenario. As she was the first one stuck in this video, she had the longest to be there and she could not escape, so it felt like a very long time indeed to her. First, there was a knock at the door and there might have been someone stumbling into the scene who would have gotten a real eyeful. They also act as a sort of bondage of their own, as they limit movement not that it matters so much when you are stuck.

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