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seducing her best friend
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She eats, she drinks, she goes to the bathroom. As you can see, your main asset is your confidence. Take back your emotional independence. So, you know exactly what she wants in a man. That would go against your nature, prevent your personal growth, and show a lack of self-respect.

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Kynlee. Age: 32.
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By always being there for your friend, you show her that her thoughts, moods and desires are more important than yours.

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Miya. Age: 25.
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How To Seduce Your Best Friend… The 6 Truths You Must Know.

Physical contact influences the subconscious. Your candidness and your honesty will make all the difference: yes, you want to go further, and there is no shame in that. The relationship you had before was based on a lie, a deception.

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