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I aim to please, and I'm glad to do so. The one I did recently is more of a sketch, so it doesn't really belong there, as there are mostly finished pieces lol. Am I somewhere I did not make this look at the source in the comments. There's always that part of the community. Posts solely for advertising are not allowed. January 7th - A new teaser for Fazbear Frights' book Fetch appeared on scottgames. Toy Freddy is coming very soon.

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Valerie. Age: 21.
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A new FNaF teaser is found in the game.

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Miriam. Age: 24.
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I hope so, and I hope it isn't. She has army of fanboys because she has sweet hips and booty. December 12th - Illumix's 24 hours Extra-Life charity livestream begins. This video changed my life.

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